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All our teachers are professionals, capable and prepared, to guarantee an ever higher quality level.

We have been training for over 40 years

The accredited body of the Lombardy Region for the provision of training services (training obligation, higher education, continuous training) and orientation (basic, specialist, support and work support).
About Us

GIUSEPPE MAZZINI VOCATIONAL SCHOOLS ASSOCIATION is a non-profit private institute whose purpose is to offer services for training and employment; it works in the fields of professional education, instruction and training, and of active labor market polices. GIUSEPPE MAZZINI VOCATIONAL SCHOOLS ASSOCIATION has legal personality granted by Lombardy Region's decree nr. 19607/1990.

ASP G. MAZZINI has approved the Organizational Model referred to in the legislative decree 8th June 2001, nr. 231, and adopts the Ethical Code as it considers fundamental for its action to be inspired by clear and unanimous reference criteria which guarantee that all company actions are performed in compliance with the reference standards, in a context of fair competition, with honesty, integrity, correctness and good faith, respecting the legitimate interests and all those who benefit from ASP G. MAZZINI’s services.

ASP G. MAZZINI is certified with UNI EN ISO 9001:2015 issued by TUV Italia for: Planning and provision of services for education, career counseling, guidance and integration into the labor market according to the right- duty to education and training, compulsory schooling, initial, higher and life-long education, in the automotive, mechanical, electric, electronic, IT, wellness, administrative and catering areas. Planning and provision of training services for social welfare and healthcare assistants, and in support of youth and adult disadvantage and disability. Provision of educational, career counseling and labor market integration services according to the customer’s requirements (IAF 37).

ASP G. MAZZINI has its registered office and headquarter in Cinisello Balsamo (Milan)

ASP G. MAZZINI has been present in the territory of Cinisello Balsamo since the first postwar period as a design school; it was then formally constituted as ASSOCIATION in 1974, acquiring legal personality by the Regional Committee Resolution on 7th February 1990.

It was in 1912 when the first core was founded: a school of professional design, “under the high patronage of the municipality”, but it was not before the second postwar period that a better defined organization took shape, thanks to a stronger support of the municipal administration and of local philanthropic entrepreneurs.

In 1974, G. Mazzini Vocational Schools Association (ASP G. Mazzini) was established, with the purpose of offering first education, professional updating, specialization and professional requalification, the development of relationships with public and private Entities, in order to promote initiatives for youth and adult education and career counseling, according to the demand of the territory and the firms.

In 1988, ASP G. Mazzini was honored with the special Spiga d’Oro award by the Municipality of Cinisello Balsamo, with the mention of Meritorious Institute for the cultural and civil development of the city. Since 1974 up to now, ASP G. Mazzini has extended its presence organizing different courses in the mechanical, automotive, electric, electronic, IT, social and health care, hairstyle, beautician, administrative, catering and bar service areas. In 2014, we celebrated our 40th anniversary of activity.

Mission, values and objectives

G. MAZZINI VOCATIONAL SCHOOLS ASSOCIATION works in the fields of education, training and active labor market polices, having as the top priority of its action the growth and global development of people.
a) Organization and management of courses of professional education and training, and of professional updating and specialization.
b) Implementation of activities aimed at providing “Employment Services", in particular:
- informing and guiding workers, firms, school and educational institutions, and the Public Administration with regard to available services for the access to the labor market;
- fostering the match between supply and demand in the labor market;
- preventing and hindering long-term unemployment through initiatives of career counseling and guidance in the labor market;
- supporting the development and defense of equal opportunities for both men and women in the access to the labor market and in the professional improvement;
- promoting customized measures in favor of workers, with a special attention to disadvantaged workers, including cultural mediation services for foreign workers;
- developing suitable measures of guidance for disabled people in the integration into the labor market;
- supporting workers' mobility in the labor market and territory;
- guaranteeing the monitoring of the labor market flows.
c) Realization of initiatives for the professional requalification, updating and specialization of people already employed in both the private and public sectors.
d) Preparatory courses aimed at the accomplishment of qualifications needed to access the public employment.
e) Development and maintenance of relationships with public and/or private management Entities having the same objectives, and with study centers, in order to promote updated information about the most advanced techniques and tools in the field of vocational education, with particular regard to the use of IT techniques and tools.
f) Participation in initiatives aimed at making more and more close the links between vocational education and the labor market.
g) Publication and circulation of studies and researches regarding cultural, educational and training issues.
h) Practice of business activities addressed to the public and functional to the accomplishment of the Association’s purposes.
i) Participation in/acquisition of company shares in Entities/Companies considered functional to the accomplishment of the Association’s purposes.
l) Any other activity, related or accessory to the statutory ones, connected and/or functional.

The values that lead our work

Coherence and reliability – we do what we promise
Transparency and reciprocity – we declare, broadcast and share roles, rules and responsibilities
Equal opportunities – that means respecting the differences
Creativity and innovation – we promote new things in order to improve ourselves and spread culture and research
Connections between people, institutions, cultures – we create dialogues and share projects

Our goals

Meeting the needs of young and adult people, workers, firms, families and partners
Accompanying people in the integration into the labor market
Following the change in order to become its protagonists and to develop suitable qualifications and competences

Scopes of intervention and services

The courses program is diversified in order to meet our customers’ educational and professional needs

Education services

Vocational education and training within compulsory education
Higher technical training
Continuous and life-long education


Project counseling and management planning
Studies and researches for educational, organizational and company systems innovation
Compulsory education and fight against early school-leaving
Company training programs
Support to active labor market polices

Employment services

Management of school vouchers
Career counseling and evaluation of competences
Employment guidance and outplacement
Compulsory education and vocational licenses

National and international projects

Development of educational systems in the European context
Enhancement of international partnerships
Internationalization projects
European and international exchange projects

Events of our Catering and Bar Service Sectors

Spiga d’Oro, Cinisello Balsamo Municipality
Villa Ghirlanda, Cinisello Balsamo Municipality
Villa Forno, Cinisello Balsamo Municipality
Sacco Hospital, Milan
Bose Italy, Milan

Our partners network

During the years of its presence in the territory, ASP G. MAZZINI has developed an important network of partners, functional to the accomplishment of its institutional objectives.
Regione Lombardia
Metropolitan City of Milan
Cinisello Balsamo Municipality
Afol, metropolitan city
Schools and Universities
Malvestiti spa
Gatti Institute
Opere Sociali Don Bosco - Salesian Institute in Milan and Sesto San Giovanni
Educational Entities Association of Lombardy
Mechanical Centre of Sesto San Giovanni
ITS Lombardy Foundation – Mechatronics

Via Francesco De Sanctis, 6
20092 Cinisello Balsamo (MI)
Tel. 02.611.13.21
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